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The time has come to be able to print any object you see through, 3D scanning and 3D printing.

Want to know how?

In technical terms, 3D scanning is a process that takes pictures of an object from various angles, measures the distance from the camera to points on the physical object, and then triangulates those points to form a 3D image. This concept has been in practice since ancient times, due to the fast-moving 21st century, and technology helps us print each and every object we see. Proving that modern technology, with the invention of 3D scanning, has enabled us to turn reality into workable digital models to replicate any number of things, such as car parts, object molds, and even prosthetic limbs

When And Where To Use 3D Scanning?

Usually, 3D Scanning is used for quality control, comparing designs, prototype making, reverse engineering, virtual reality, heritage preservation, science and education, and art. Some of these applications are used along with 3D printing. Thus, 3D scanning and printing go hand in hand. Before we proceed with the scanning, we cover the object with a temporary mat powder, which improves the scan’s accuracy usually, 3D printers require a rendering that they can use as a basis for building a 3D model. Higher-quality models have thicker renderings that need more data points for accurate printing. This operational model means data quality and it is the most important factor when it comes to results. so we ensure the data quality is high enough to support the desired results. Once the scan is done, it is sent to CAD software where designers at C3D do further alterations if required. Then we start 3D printing, This is where our talent comes into play. The modified virtual model is then formed physically through 3D printing, allowing us to make prototypes of even final products.

3D Scanning Reverse Engineering

At C3D, we make it possible by reverse engineering. Reverse engineering is the term used to describe this process. This method enables us to replicate an object or a part with the help of 3D printing. We scan a 3-dimensional object and convert it into a CAD file, which we then print using a 3D printer to get an exact replica of the object or spare part. This entire process is initiated with 3D scanning. Here we analyze an object from the real world, collecting all the data in order to recreate its shape and appearance digitally.

Now the biggest challenge that we encounter in this process is the accuracy of the 3D scanned digital data.

3D Scanning Solution

It takes several scans to get accurate data, then all the individual scans are merged to recreate the final model. The entire process of bringing the individual scans together and merging them takes time, but at C3D we have got all the skills, precession, and skilled employees to get the job done.

“As the saying goes, the harder the process, the happier you will be with the outcome”.

In order to make scans efficient and reliable, we use a handheld 3D scanner. The hybrid laser and LED light sources that we use at C3D make it compatible with a wider range of object sizes, meeting the multiple needs of every client while giving high efficacy and reliable results and giving more application possibilities.

What We Can Scan For 3D Scanning And Modeling?

  • Metal casting
  • Clay model
  • Ceramic and porcelain
  • Painted parts
  • Stone and masonry
  • Sculptures
  • Fabric and leather
  • Organic shapes

What Should You Avoid Scanning

The challenges That We Face In 3D Scanning And Modeling.

  • Optically uncooperative materials
  • Scanning in the presence of occlusions.
  • Ensuring the safety of delicate objects.
  • Scanning large objects at high resolution.
  • Accurate scanning in the field.
  • Filling holes in dense polygon models.
  • Handling large datasets.
  • Creating digital archives of 3D content.

Yes, we agree that 3D scanning is challenging yet interesting, and we enjoy seeing the happy faces of our clients; this is where we distinguish ourselves from the competition; check out some of our projects and you can decide for yourself.

Think C3D The Next Time You Consider 3D Scanning.

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