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What is Large-Format 3D Printing

Large format 3D printing refers to the process of creating three-dimensional objects that are larger than what can be achieved using traditional 3D printing methods. With the advancement of technology, manufacturers can now produce parts and components in a variety of sizes and shapes, making them ideal for the production of large products. Large format 3D printing involves the use of large 3D printers with build volumes of more than 6 cubic meters. These printers are capable of creating prototypes and final products that are larger than life.

As one of the most innovative 3D printing production companies in Dubai, we have proudly launched the region’s first large-format 3D printing facility. This state-of-the-art facility is a response to the rapidly growing demand for additive manufacturing, which is transforming the industrial sector. We are committed to supporting this dynamic industry by providing cutting-edge technology and services that cater to the evolving needs of our clients in the Middle East.

The Weber: The Large Format 3D Printer 

The Weber, the first-ever large-format additive printing machine in the Middle East. Powered by cutting-edge technology, this achievement marks a significant milestone for the regional additive manufacturing and 3D printing sectors. The newly acquired DX 25 machine boasts an impressive build volume of 1600 × 1200 × 1300 mm³, making it the largest 3D printer in our company’s inventory and a unique offering in the Middle East region.

One of the standout features of this advanced technology lies in its utilization of reusable plastic granules as raw materials for printing. This distinguishing capability allows for the complete breakdown and reusability of any manufactured product, whether for modification or repurposing. With this innovative approach, we can deliver sustainable solutions while embracing the circular economy model.

The acquisition of the new machine positions C3D Printing Production as a reliable provider capable of meeting the growing demand for 3D printing in the UAE. We are excited to offer innovative solutions to clients across diverse industries, cementing our commitment to delivering cutting-edge products and services in this rapidly evolving field.

Characteristics of Large Format 3D Printing 

Speed and efficiency

Large format 3D printing enables manufacturers to produce parts and components quickly and efficiently. With traditional manufacturing methods, creating large-scale prototypes and functional parts can be time-consuming and expensive. Large format 3D printing allows for the production of these parts in a matter of hours, reducing lead time and production costs.

Reduced material waste

Traditional manufacturing methods often result in a significant amount of material waste. Large format 3D printing reduces waste by only using the necessary amount of material to create an object. This reduces costs and minimizes the impact on the environment.


Large format 3D printing allows for customization of parts and components. This means that manufacturers can create unique and complex shapes.

Here are some examples of industrial large-format 3D printing applications

Automotive Prototyping: Large-format 3D printing is used to create prototypes of automotive parts, such as car body panels, engine components, and interior elements.

Aerospace Components: 3D printing is employed to fabricate large-scale aerospace components, including engine parts, wing structures, and interior cabin components.

Architecture and Construction: Large-format 3D printing enables the construction of building elements, such as walls, facades, and structural components, using additive manufacturing techniques.

Marine and Shipbuilding: 3D printing is utilized to produce large-scale marine components, such as ship hulls, propellers, and complex interior parts.

Art and sculpture: Artists and sculptors leverage large-format 3D printing to create intricate and monumental art pieces with complex geometries and designs.

Furniture and Interior Design: Large-scale 3D printing is employed to fabricate custom furniture pieces, architectural elements, and interior design features.

Defense and Military Applications: 3D printing is utilized in the manufacturing of large-scale defense equipment and components, including drones, armored vehicles, and weapon systems.

Infrastructure and Urban Planning: 3D printing is used to create large-scale infrastructure components, such as bridges, viaducts, and architectural installations.

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