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The 3D Printing market in UAE showed strong growth following the establishment of the ‘Dubai 3D Printing Strategy’ in 2016. In addition, the government program to establish a global 3D printing center in the UAE complements market growth. In addition to initiatives to raise awareness about technology and its application, increasing investment from both government and private sectors would boost the significant market growth.

The UAE Market Size of 3D Printing is estimated to grow at a CAGR of +60% during 2017-30, according to Goldstein Market Intelligence. Binding jetting technology in the UAE 3D market has made up for a major share of revenues as architectural modeling is emerging in the architectural sector. The construction sector in the UAE is anticipated to see significant growth with forthcoming new construction projects worth US$ 160 billion during the projected period, which will boost the demand for binder jet technology. Moreover, fused deposition modeling technology is the second most used technology in the 3D printing industry due to its low prices.

Topics covered in this UAE 3D Printing Market Report

The report describes the current plot and prospects for growth for 3D Printing in 2017–2030, as well as the analysis of market players. Based on revenue generated by the major players in the UAE, we calculate the market size and revenue share. 

 UAE 3D Printing Industry Outlook 2017-2030 is based on a thorough market analysis of farm market experts. The report discusses the competitiveness of the UAE’s 3D printing sector and the current position of the major players. The report also contains the five-power model of Porter, SWOT analysis and corporate profiling, market players’ business strategies, and business models.

‘UAE’s 3D Printing Market Report’ recognized the cost differentiation analysis, price models to give existing and new entry players a competitive advantage.

Impact of COVID-19 in the 3D Printing Industry

The report analyzes the full, long-term impact of COVID-19 for each segment of the “UAE’s 3D Printing Industry” in the 50-70 pages chapter and includes government measures to support this sector. The report includes detailed chapters. It also demonstrates the current market situation amidst COVID, its impact on leading companies, its anticipated demand schedule, its supply chain, and other major factors in the industry. This will help you identify the companies that can benefit or have a loss during this pandemic.

This technology will reach people far beyond the buildings in which they live and work. Officials and companies in Dubai are also planning to print 2.7 trillion medicinal products by the year 2025, including jewelry and household items, teeth, bones, and artificial organs.

Cities use cloud-based analysis along with sensors to assess which products and utility citizens most need. Additive manufacturing allows them to meet the needs of their citizens faster.

Local economic reasons are also there to promote this 3D printing. This focus on 3D printing will cut building costs by 50-70% and labor costs by 50-80%, which will keep building up with rapid population growth, according to officials. It also has geographical meaning, since Dubai is surrounded by an unlimited amount of sand that can be used for 3D printers as source material.

 The aim of making the city a leader in 3D printing is also one of the agenda. If Dubai can demonstrate that 3D printing is possible quickly, safely, and cost-effectively on an urban scale, it will be more willing for others or private building companies to adopt the technology themselves. That in turn could reduce global building prices, making everything more accessible, from simple shelters to commercial buildings. The ILO estimates that 60,000 workers are known to be killed on construction sites annually. It would also create a safer industry If 3D printing is omnipresent in the building industry, this number could be dramatically cut.

Every new technology needs to be introduced first. If Dubai can prove to be a model while meeting its ambitions, the lives of citizens are not the only things that would change; but the whole world.

 We here at C3D are one step closer to making this dream come alive by offering our 3D printing services in Dubai, which could be used in various sectors.

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