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At C3D, we use both CNC and Laser Cutting methods to cut products to precise shapes at a faster pace and lower cost. Though superficially both machines might seem to serve the same purpose, they are very different from each other. Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machines use computer code to cut the parts to the required design. Based on the design, our experts use a software program to generate the code that helps to cut different materials into required shapes. The cutting tools are capable of moving back and forth as well as sideways(X-Y-Z axes) at the same time. Laser cutting also uses a computer program to interpret the design of a prototype. However, here we use a high-power laser beam that burns through the material to create a part. Laser cutting can be used to produce delicate, intricate shapes as it is possible to adjust the laser beam to the required size.


High levels of precision and accuracy

  • Less Wastage
  • Less Energy Consumption
  • Complex designs on smaller parts
  • Less workpiece contamination





Minimum Wall thickness: 0.5 mm
Minimum details size: 2.5 mm
Standard Accuracy: ± round ±0.1 mm,
Lead Time: Minimum 3 working days for despatch
Surface finish: smoother surface finish

Post Processing

Basic: Sanding, Smoothing
Add on: Primer, Coating/ Painting

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer post-processing services such as sanding, smoothing, primer, coating, and finishing.
CNC laser cutting can be used in a variety of 3D printing applications, such as creating custom enclosures, covers, and brackets for electronic devices, as well as prototypes and architectural scale models.
Our company in Dubai offers CNC laser cutting and 3D printing services. We can create custom parts and prototypes using either technology or combine both for more complex projects.

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