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Plastic waste or plastic pollution (e.g.: plastic bottles plastic wrappers plastic cups and much more) have immensely accumulated over a period of time in the Earth’s environment that is adversely affecting wildlife, wildlife habitat, and humans. As plastic does not break down naturally, it is polluting natural systems, including rivers and oceans.
Now the challenge is to recycle and reduce the production of plastic

3D printing is one such industry that joins hands and broadly aims for the societal goals to safely co-exist on planet Earth.
In an exploration of the possibilities to reuse plastic we found that plastic waste can be transformed
into beautiful and meaningful products using robotic 3D Printing Technology and are 100% circular.

C3D Vision is to set out to become the top large-scale robotic 3D printing producer in the UAE in order to draw in many industries with our rapid, low-cost manufacturing, Also keeping in mind to produce sustainable products for a better tomorrow.

When we say Sustainability, here are some of the features which stand out


  • Tables and Podiums
  • Bar Counters & Stools
  • Chairs
  • Fabrication Wall Cladding and Outdoor Facade
  • Landscape Street Furniture: Benches, Seats, Litter Bins, Tables,
  • Partitions
  • Interior Lighting & Ceilings
  • Interior Decorations
  • Sculpture Models
  • Shop Interiors – Visual Merchandising
  • Exhibition Stands and Event Fabrication


  • Strong and Lightweight parts
  • cost-effective
  • eco friendly
  • Easy repair of parts
  • Low maintenance

Here are some of the applications that were used at events that raised awareness about the cause


Outdoor Seats
The ambitious “Zero Waste Future” program lead to the innovation of outdoor seats. These seats are strong and lightweight with an elegant look.

Spotlight on wearables
The 3D printed street furniture has integrated extra functions that promote a healthy and environment-friendly lifestyle in the city.
Each object can feature a rack or a seat, a tree pot, or even a table or a bookcase.

The Block bench
The Block bench was custom designed.
This structure was built using plastic waste collected from the local community.
The shape and design of the bench are inspired by the beach wave pattern
This bench and its seats were made from 120kg of recycled plastic waste.

Olympics podium
The Tokyo Olympics 2020 podium was done in recycled 3d printed plastics

Few other Applications that we see and use regularly

Explore the concept of applying 3D printing to plastic waste, as a way to re-design urban space.
As the name suggests, Print your City! is a call for action,
rallying citizens to recycle household plastic waste in order to transform it into raw material for public furniture, via a 3D printing process.

If You want to be a part of this mission we would be happy to help you.

Contact us for more information.

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