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Styrofoam is a  light and porous material. This opens new doors in additive manufacturing by allowing more flexibility with creative designs. This can be used for decorative purposes both indoors and outdoors. The models are visually appealing, low cost, and have relatively less turnaround time. We at C3D  produce a range of models that are used for different occasions such as birthday events or brand launches or movie premiums. You name it and we design and manufacture it.



Steps Involved


Step 1

Carving of Styrofoam is a process used to create three-dimensional shapes and forms from blocks of Styrofoam. Styrofoam is a type of expanded polystyrene foam that is lightweight

Step 2

Painting Styrofoam is a process used to give a finished look to Styrofoam objects after they have been carved or molded


Art And Craft
Styrofoam 3D printing can also be used for creating unique art pieces and crafts
Visual Merchandizing
Styrofoam models can be used for visualize the products

Project Gallery

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Styrofoam Shop Entrance

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