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Our innovative designers, using industrial-grade plastic and robotic techniques, develop a range of high-quality products such as chairs and tables, wall cladding and outdoor facade, landscape street furniture,  interior decorations, sculptor models, and shop interiors or visual merchandise at a reduced price, and minimal waste. Large Format 3D Printing enables us to manufacture and replicate bigger objects at a faster pace while giving our engineers design freedom. Further, direct fabrication allows printing the part which helps create a single product of any shape without any joints or glue as required in traditional manufacturing.


Industrial Large Format 3D Printing in Dubai

Recycled Material We Use

At C3D, we prioritize sustainability by using recycled granules as the raw material for our large format printer. These granules are made from post-industrial waste, reducing the environmental impact of our printing process. By choosing recycled materials, we are taking steps towards a circular economy and minimizing waste streams.

FGF Recycled PLA

Eco-friendly PLA, print performance comparable to regular PLA.

FGF Recycled PIPG

Strong, flexible, odor-neutral, combines PLA and ABS advantages.

FGF Recycled PET-G

High clarity, strong, flexible, practically no shrinkage.

FGF Recycled ASA-X 20% Glassfiber

Low warpage, added glass fibers, great features for applications.


Steps Involved

Step 1

Design for large format 3D printing refers to the process of creating 3D models that are optimized for printing on large format 3D printers. Large format 3D printers are capable of printing objects that are much larger than those produced by standard desktop 3D printers

Step 2

The software program generates a slice file, which breaks the 3D model into layers and provides instructions for the printer on how to create each layer

Step 3

Printer Preparation
Printer preparation is an essential step when it comes to large format 3D printing.This process typically involves several steps, including bed leveling, material selection, and print settings

Step 4

Large format printers can produce objects that are much larger than those made by desktop 3D printers, which means that printing times can be longer, and the process requires more attention to detail

Step 5

Post Processing
Once printing is complete, the object may require some post-processing steps, such as sanding, polishing, or painting, to achieve the desired finish


Architecture And Construction
Large format 3D printing can be used to create architectural prototypes, and even entire building structures
Industrial Design
Large format 3D printing can be used to create functional prototypes, molds, and tooling for various industrial applications
Art And Sculpture
Artists and sculptors can use large format 3D printing to create large-scale pieces, such as statues and installations
Consumer Goods
Large format 3D printing can be used to produce items for consumer use, such as furniture, household appliances, and toys

Project Gallery

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Glass Finish Material For Large Format Printing

Glassy Finished Large Format Table

Large Format 3D Printed Chair Using Plastic Granules

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