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Scanning has been made easy and affordable with the latest Peel 3D scanners. The handheld 3D scanning machine allows one to access narrow or hard-to-reach areas of a product. As the data is collected digitally, it can be utilized or tampered with to create a desired product using 3D printing Dubai. The scanner can be used on a wide array of materials and surfaces such as clay models, metal casting, ceramic and porcelain, fabric and leather, plastics, stone and masonry, human body forms, sculptures, and painted parts.

3D Scanning Services in UAE

What Can You 3D Scan?

We can capture detailed and accurate digital replicas of physical objects using our 3D scanning service. From small trinkets to large sculptures, our scanners can handle a wide range of materials including plastics, metals, and even organic matter.


Steps Involved


Step 1

Prepare The Object
The step involves cleaning the object and removing of any dirt, dust, or debris that could interfere with the scanning process. And also placing the object on a stable surface and secured in place to prevent any movement during the scanning process.

Step 2

Here the scanner is moved around the object to capture its surface from multiple angles and viewpoints. As the scanner captures the object, it generates a point cloud, which is a collection of 3D coordinates that represent the surface of the object

Step 3

Process Data / Refine Data
In this step the data processing phase is to align and merge the individual scans taken from different angles into a single cohesive model. This is typically done using specialized software that can automatically align the scans based on common features or markers

Step 4

Export file
The refined is then processed 3D model is saved in a file format that can be used in other software applications or shared with others


Reverse Engineering
Efficiently Integrate surface data into CAD software for 3D printing and rapid prototyping.
Virtual Reality in Neon
Virtual Reality
Acquire real-world data to construct immersive and intricate virtual environments.
Heritage Preservation
Safeguard and conserve cultural heritage for future generations by creating archives.
Digitally archive your artistic creations to bring them into the virtual realm.

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