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Scale Modelling is used to create accurate and detailed architectural 3D models or display exhibits swiftly and at an affordable price. You can be rest assured that our team of qualified designers at C3D, who have an eye for details, can create high-end models for various projects such as masterplan for a city or high-rise building or even display at exhibitions using this method.


Steps Involved


Step 1

Designing a scale model involves creating a smaller version of an object or structure that accurately represents the original design.

Step 2

Scale Up / Scale Down The Model
Scaling up involves creating a larger version of the object or structure while scaling down involves creating a smaller version. Here designer carefully considers the size and proportions of the original design to ensure that the scaled model is accurate and realistic.

Step 3

Post Processing
Post-processing is the final step in the scale modeling process, as it involves refining and finishing the physical model to achieve the desired level of detail and accuracy.


3D scale models are useful for pitching building projects to local councils and stakeholders, allowing them to see and touch the project, creating a more engaging experience than flat drawings
Visual Merchandising
3D scale models are used in visual merchandising to showcase products and displays, allowing for more effective and creative presentation in retail spaces.
Military And Defense
3D scale models are used in the military and defense industries to plan and visualize complex equipment and structures.

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