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Low Volume Production is the most cost-effective way to have your product samples for sale. This acts as a bridge between 3D prototyping and final production. Thus, providing an opportunity to revise and enhance a product before its mass production


Steps Involved

Step 1

Designing for low-volume production involves creating a product that can be manufactured in small quantities, typically up to 10,000 units. This approach is often used in industries where there is a high degree of customization required, or where demand for the product is limited

Step 2

Prototyping is an important step in the low volume production process, here the designer test and refine the design before moving on to full-scale production. Prototyping can help identify any potential issues or areas for improvement, and can help ensure that the final product meets all necessary requirements

Step 3

Low Volume Production
Here the model is 3D printed and undergoes the finishing touch


Low volume production 3D printing is used to produce end-use parts, such as tooling, jigs, and fixtures, and small-scale production runs of parts
3D printing is used in the automotive industry to produce limited quantities of parts for racing and prototyping

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