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C3D’s designers utilize the full potential of 3D printing technology, which allows for greater freedom in design without the limitations of traditional manufacturing methods. Our team can assist with the entire process, from conceptualization to production, using advanced additive manufacturing techniques. With the help of CAD software, designs can be easily modified and enhanced, making multiple revisions less expensive and time-consuming. Ultimately, C3D can help turn your ideas into a reality quickly and efficiently.


Steps Involved


Step 1

Information Gathering Of The Object Conceptualizing
Here the designer collects all relevant information about the object or product they want to create. This information can come from a variety of sources, including sketches, drawings, photographs, physical objects, or 3D scan data.

Step 2

Modelling / 3D CAD Designing
Designer creates a digital 3D model of the object or product they want to create. During this stage, the designer will use specialized software to create a virtual representation of the object


Close up shot of young woman game developer working on a new video game level
Gaming And Virtual Reality
3D Designs are used to generate characters, environments, objects, and even whole universes. 3D Designs are used to create immersive experience is the cornerstone of any successful game
Architecture, Engineering, And Building
3D design is used by architects, engineers and builders to design and plan buildings, machines and structures, visualize the finished product, and identify flaws. It is essential in modern design and utilizes CAD software.
Product Design
3D designing allows product designers to create virtual models, spot potential flaws, and present concepts to investors. It is more sustainable than physical prototypes and helps with clear visualization.
3D desiging can be used in films to create characters, scenery, and objects. It is used throughout the animation process and also in special effects for non-animated movies.

Project Gallery

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Architectural Model for – ARCH 302 Spring 2023!

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