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With advanced industrial-grade materials and robotic precision, our designers craft premium furniture, architectural elements, and decor with minimal waste. Large Format 3D Printing accelerates production, granting design freedom and seamless fabrication of complex shapes.

Use our 3D scanning technology to capture the shape, texture, and color of real-world objects to create precise 3D digital models for various applications

Our 3D post-processing involves a series of finishing techniques used to refine and enhance the surface finish, texture, and appearance of 3D-printed objects

The technique of carving and shaping Styrofoam blocks to create physical the bests models or props for a wide range of applications.

Creating physical objects from digital models by adding layers of material on top of each other using our additive manufacturing technology

3D scale model printing our 3D printing technology creates precise and accurate scaled-down replicas of objects, buildings, or products for various applications

Use 3D printing technology to produce small quantities of high-quality products with minimal setup time and cost

3D rapid prototyping, quickly producing physical prototypes of a product design using 3D printing technology for testing, iteration, and refinement

We specializes in creating custom 3D designs for efficient and precise 3D printing solutions

Our Works

Project Gallery

400 Pcs of 3D Printed Jimmy Choo Bag

3D Printed Car For Gitex Exhibition

1.5 Meter Tall 3D Printed Coco Cola Bottle

Wall Mounted 150cm C3D Printed Dwarfs

Military Tanker Miniature Model

3 Meter Long Realistic Jet Engine Model

2.5 Meter Long Scaled Pirate Ship

Large Format 3D Printed Chair Using Plastic Granules

Scale Model Of A Electric Compressor For Hitachi

one of a kind in the UAE

Industrial Large Format 3D Printing

Our industry large format 3D printer from Weber Additive allows for Large-format 3D printing services that create three-dimensional objects on a larger scale than traditional 3D printers. This process involves depositing material layer by layer to build up the desired object, using specialized equipment capable of producing larger and more complex prints. Large-format 3D printing is used in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, and architecture, where it enables the production of large-scale prototypes, parts, and models. This technology is revolutionizing the way we think about manufacturing and has opened up new possibilities for innovation and creativity.

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Create superior products using a vast array of top-notch materials and finishes, from flexible filaments to robust metals.

Advanced 3D Printing Technologies

The fused deposition modeling melts plastic filament and moves it layer by layer to form a solid object. The object is finished when all the layers are completed.

Laser sintering solidifies powder materials like nylon using a laser. To form layers, then these layers are coated with a blade and the process is repeated to form a solid part.

In SLA, a series of overlapping beams from a laser are directed on the surface to form a precise solid surface. As the light is absorbed by the resin, it is transferred into the final product.

C3D offers cost-effective precision cutting using CNC and laser cutting. CNC machines use computer code, while laser technology creates delicate shapes with high-power beams.

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