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Additive Manufacturing has been a disruptive and rapidly evolving technology that has enabled designers and manufacturers to not just create rapid prototypes but also those of complex designs, that otherwise wouldn’t have been simply possible because of the obvious long manufacturing process. To be simply put, it allows manufacturers to push out an increased amount of parts into the market at an advanced rate, with half the cost. The superior technology of 3D printing supplies the automotive industry with innovations in terms of designs and supply chain proficiency. The additive manufacturing technology in Dubai can be used for assembling, manufacturing, and testing parts and components with greater efficiency, even in terms of cost as well as optimization. To further elongate this, a recent statistic produced by Wohlers Associates showcases that 16% of additive manufacturing was used in the year 2018 in the automotive industry.

So, now the question becomes, well, what are these ways where 3D printing can increase the efficiency of the automotive industry.

Additive Manufacturing in Automotive

There are multiple ways where additive manufacturing can help the automotive industries, but we’ll be discussing the ones that are already being done rather than the exciting possibilities.

Exhausts and Emissions

Selective laser melting is commonly used to build cooling vents in aluminum alloys.

Fluid handling

Aluminum alloys are melted via selective laser melting and electron beam melting. Pumps and valves in the fluid handling system can be made using these strategies.


Polymers are now used to make wind breakers and bumpers using selective laser sintering.

Manufacturing process

For prototypes, casting, and customised tooling, hot work steels and polymers can be combined with a number of additive manufacturing processes like as selective laser sintering, selective laser melting, and fused deposition modeling.

Although additive manufacturing in the automotive industry is just getting popular now, it had already been in the game for a while. If you’d like to get something 3D printed for your automotive part, kingly get in touch with our 3D printing company in Dubai, by contacting

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