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Our Key Projects

1.5 meter 3D Printed PUMA Nitro Shoe

1.5 Meter Tall 3D Printed Coco Cola Bottle

Designed And Printed Realistic Scale Model

Military Tanker Miniature Model

2.5 Meter Long Scaled Pirate Ship

Concept Nike Shoe Scaled Model

Concept Drone Models for ADIPEC

3 Meter Long Realistic Jet Engine Model

Scale Model With Combined FDM And CNC Technologies

Largest Distribution Facility in DIC – Jaleel

400 Pcs of 3D Printed Jimmy Choo Bag

3D Printed Asics Gel Nimbus Shoe For Visual merchandising

Scale Model Of A Electric Compressor For Hitachi

300 Piece Of Robotic hand Trophy

Custom Large Format 3D Printed Seats

Large Format 3D Printed Chair Using Plastic Granules

More Projects

Post Processed Scale Model

Disney Character Models from Bashful

Reverse Engineered Custom Giveaways

Designed And Printed Scale Model

Museum of the Future Miniature Model

Mannequin Heads For Display

Customized Hubcaps for Vehicles

Complex Geometry – BNI Trophy

Low Volume AC Duct

Custom Pipe Connector Model Trophy

Oceanic Wall Interior Wall Cladding

Furniture Assembly Line

Custom Trophy Of L’Officiel Arabia Awards 2022

Custom-Printed Props of Weights

50 Eagle Sculptures For Art And Interiors

Functional Water Stopper

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