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We use 3D Printing Technology to create high-quality, low-cost custom prototypes and production parts, among other things.

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      Enhance and Innovate your 3D Printing with C3D

      C3D is an additive manufacturing company that caters to a wide range of industries to add value by creating higher business agility. 

      Equipped with high-end technology and machines to offer quality outputs, we are proud to offer premium 3D printing services that cater to a variety of industrial needs. Whether you’re a designer, developer or engineer, we aim to create an ease for you to reach your end product in the best way possible


      What We Do

      C3D is an additive manufacturing center that caters to a wide range of industries with business agility.

      3D Designing

      Need help digitizing your idea? Our combined skills of our designers and engineers can help convert your concepts to ready-to-print designs.

      3D Scanning

      Convert your physical objects into a digital file that can be used to create a 3D model for reverse engineering or to replicate an existing product using 3D printing.

      3D Printing

      With additive manufacturing technology, we transform all the designs into reality. 3D printing captures all the details from the design and transforms it into a 3D printed object through several processes like FDM, SLA, and SLS. All these technologies give us the desired output helping in reducing time, cost as well as wastage of materials at the time of production.​
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      Printing Techniques

      3D Printing Technologies

      There’s a wide range of industrial and commercial 3D printing technologies that can be used to print your model. However, the technology to be used depends on the material you’d want. Have a look at the following technologies that can be used depending on the requirements.

      Fused deposition modelling is the most common process of 3D printing. The process begins by melting a plastic filament that moves over surface layer by layer. This layer transforms into a solid object. When all of the layers are completed, the object is finished.
      Laser sintering uses a laser to heat powdered materials such as nylon. The laser passes over the powder particles and they stick together to form a solid part. Each layer is then coated with the blade and the whole process is repeated again.
      In SLA, a series of overlapping beams from a laser are directed on the surface to form a precise solid surface. As the light is absorbed by the resin, it is transferred into the final product.
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