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With applications in Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics, and other industries such as Oil & Gas, and Marine Engineering, 3D printing is transforming the engineering business. Engineers and product designers can quickly prototype their ideas thanks to 3D printing, which saves time and money at every level of product development.

Automotive companies come up with new designs and models often to compete in the market. 3D printing helps in rapidly prototyping the designs and also in the manufacturing of automotive parts, fixtures, jigs. The 3D automotive parts look aesthetically attractive and it also helps in saving the in-house production time and cost. It also enables the manufacturers to customize and personalize automotive elements according to the end-user requirements.

3D Printed automotive parts

Key Advantages

Rapid Prototyping

The rapid manufacture of a physical item, model, or assembly utilizing 3D computer-assisted design(CAD) is known as rapid prototyping. Additive manufacturing, often known as 3D printing, is commonly used to complete the construction of the part, model, or assembly.

Freedom to Design

3D printing allows users to edit or alter designs before printing which helps to reduce the room for errors. This can also help designers initiate ideas that are complex to be built from traditional methods.

Exploration of various concepts

Our 3D printing services can help you take your original concepts to the next level with low-risk concept explorations that resemble finished goods. Rapidly develop, analyze, and iterate a range of ideas in-house, from 3D modeling to actual product printing.

Low volume production

With 3D printing, producing low-volume parts on demand has become quick and easy. In reality, 3D printing is the most efficient technique to produce a small prototype of your part. With the flexibility of customization, design freedom, and ease of assembly, you can easily make a part that can be frequently altered.

Print custom parts

Traditional manufacturing would be too complex or expensive to design the exact tool or product for your task, but 3D printing allows you to custom print parts easily.


Frequently Asked Questions

Molds and thermoforming tools as well as grips, jigs, and fixtures can be made with 3D printing. This enables automakers to generate low-cost samples and tools while avoiding future production losses caused by high-cost tooling.

  • Enhances the manufacturing process
  • Can simply replace spare parts
  • The car’s weight is reduced
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