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Architectural 3D Modelling is the process of creating 3D architectural models using 2D images of a proposed architectural design. The goal is to illustrate a lifelike experience of how the building will look before it is built, an actual representation of the design intent. Therefore, these models have long depended on the actual drawing to create this 3D model, also these 3D model has been a vital tool for designers and architects to communicate with clients, contractor, stakeholder

In this article, we have listed the popular 3 printing technology that we use at C3D to create architectural 3D Models. However, we strongly advise that you concentrate on finding the best one for you.   

FDM Architectural 3D Modelling


FDM architectural 3D Modelling is one of the most effective professional 3D modelling solutions used by almost every 3D Printing company. FDM Fused deposition model is popular with architect models for its ability to perfectly simulate real-world buildings. Although printing complex geometry is not advisable, the simple structure can be printed using FDM Fused Deposition Model to obtain high-resolution printing of the most realistic scenes from them. These 3d models are not recommended for outdoor, changing seasons and weather, can affect the structure of the building, due to this these 3D models are suitable only for indoor use. 

SLA Architectural 3D Modelling


SLA Architectural 3DModelling is also called stereolithography here laser cures photopolymer resin to construct the structure, this type of printing provides a wide range of possibilities for printing from simple to complex structures, visualization of complex structures like the Museum of The Future can be 3D printed with high accuracy and resolution. Thanks to this powerful technology which provides the user with a realistic printing experience, also these architectural models have to ability to withstand moderate heat which makes the model compatible with both indoor and outdoors

SLS Architectural 3D Modelling 

Selective Laser Sintering SLS Architectural Model here laser fuses polymer powder to create the 3D model, these technologies provide a breath-taking printing experience. The outcome of the model comes with high accuracy and quality prints, which also gives the model mat surface finish, these models come with high heat resistance ability which makes the 3D model suitable for outdoor Among the other printing technology this technology is expensive compared to other two technology


When choosing the best technology for an Architectural model, you can frequently face the problem of high or simply unaffordable prices. In the quest to create high-quality and realistic architectural 3D Models, this can be a significant obstacle. That is why at C3D we provide high quality with high accuracy at the bests competitive price in UAE. 

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