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about us

We are a 3D Printing Company based in Dubai

C3D is an additive manufacturing centre that caters to a wide range of industries with business agility.

With our expertise, you can create higher business agility by printing your prototypes when you want and how you want them, with lesser cost and a higher turnaround period!


What we do

C3D is an additive manufacturing center that caters to a wide range of industries with business agility.

3D Design

See 3D with our specialist designers that are capable and equipped to develop your needs.

3D Scanning

Want to see 3D of an actual product? Our scanning service is here to help.

3D Printing

With additive manufacturing technology, we transform all the designs into reality. 3D printing captures all the details from the design and transforms it into a real-time object with the FDM process. It gives us the most desired output and it helps in reducing the time and cost in the production process.

Our focus


Transform your Vision into 3D architectural models.

Prototype your automotive parts rapidly with 3D printing.

Transform your space with 3D arts and interior design elements.

 Create eye-catching character models and anime figures with 3D printing.

 Prototype your industrial tools and structures with additive technology.

Give a unique look to your retail stores with 3D visual merchandising.

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